DSU understands that you’re passionate about providing the best interpreting services in your community  and we are too!

Deaf Services Unlimited only employs the most highly qualified interpreters. DSU interpreters are nationally certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID), or National Association of the Deaf and have at least three years of interpreting experience.  All DSU interpreters hold licensure and credentials mandated by the state in which they are providing services.

To work with DSU, each interpreter must complete an application and screening process to determine qualifications, assess their skills, successfully complete background checks, and ensure their ability to provide the quality of service DSU customers have come to expect.

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DSU is a nationwide network of sign language interpreters primarily working in government, education, medical, and employment.

Deaf Heart
We understand that being Deaf means being part of a community with a rich culture. This rich culture is the heartbeat of our own, and we keep our Deaf consumers at the center of all we do.

DSU Lives its Mission
27% of our corporate staff is Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing. Merging the strengths of all cultures is our strongest corporate asset.

Local First
We believe in supporting local communities by providing local interpreters the opportunity to serve their local Deaf population.

Prepared for Success
Let DSU’s coordination team act as your personal agent by finding assignments in your area. As always, our interpreter concierge services will include all job details prior to arrival.

Quick Payment 
Our direct deposit payment feature gets interpreters paid promptly and efficiently.

Experience You Can Trust 
DSU’s methodologies, proven and refined over 23 years, guarantee exceptional, responsive service to our clients, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities, and our interpreters.

Go Ahead, Expect too Much
Our commitment to providing extraordinary interpreting services is hallmarked by an experience that is easy, comfortable, and positive for all involved.