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Deaf Services Unlimited Responds

We work with many Federal, state and local government agencies providing Deaf interpretation and captioning services.
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GSA Contract #: GS-10F-0053Y

Contractor: Deaf Services Unlimited

Address: 6925 Hickman Road, Des Moines, IA, 50322


Contract end date: Nov 13, 2021

Order Status POC:

Business type: Small Business, Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)

DUNS: 958178584

GSA Contractor Information

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Where Governments Turn for Interpreters

Go ahead, expect too much.

DSU provides sign language interpreting and captioning services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, both on-site and over the internet.

Unlike other firms who interpret many languages, our specialization allows us to address the unique communication and cultural aspects that are not commonly shared by other spoken languages.

For over 20 years, we've worked with many Federal, state and local government agencies and have facilitated more than 1,000,000 conversations. Our team of interpreters is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Every service you need – on demand.

  • Video Remote interpretation (VRI)
    Real-time, convenient, and affordable American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services using web-based video technology
  • In-Person Interpreting
    Large national network of interpreters available anywhere in the country.
  • CART Captioning
    Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) is a form of captioning that can be provided on-site or remotely, usually for live presentations such as meetings, classes, or conferences.
  • Closed Captioning
    Caption training videos, commercials, public service announcements, and more.
  • Deaf Culture Training
    Culture and language intertwine, with language reflecting characteristics of culture. Learn about the rich culture of Deaf people while also learning about their language.

People we've worked with

  • American Red Cross
  • Brown University
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation
  • New York University
  • Peace Corps
  • Pentagon
  • Social Security Administration
  • State of Arizona
  • State of Wisconsin
  • University of Illinois
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • U.S. Navy
  • White House

"The difference your company makes was/is customer service, level of knowledge, and willingness to drive across state lines to help our agency’s requirements from your expert point of view.  The customer service from everyone at DSU is superior.  When we established the BPA, the customer service you provided was incredibly responsive while we were learning about remote interpreting. It’s so great knowing we have a smooth, seamless agreement that has worked wonderfully because of your staff.  This is something a contracting officer is very grateful for, so THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH.”

Timothy A. Scanlan, Senior Contract Specialist, VA National Acquisition Center
DSU in Action
DSU Supports Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

gvt_harveyWhen Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on August 2017, it became the country’s first Category 3 or higher hurricane since 2005. Harvey kicked off a historically destructive 2017 storm season.

DSU Responds
Within hours of contract award notification, DSU had interpreters on assignment. DSU provided interpreting services for FEMA’s relief efforts from early September through December 2017.

As part of the relief efforts, DSU had interpreters deployed throughout Texas on various assignments 24/7.

Providing Interpreting Services for Deaf Individuals Employed by FEMA
DSU interpreters worked with Deaf employees at FEMA on projects and meetings that included: operations, housing, National Emergency Management Information System (NEMIS), training, accessibility information, and meeting with survivors with accessibility needs. Interpreters were also “out in the trenches” with FEMA employees – hiking through debris, wading through floods, and looking for survivors.

Public Events
– Public Addresses by Mayors’ Offices and Texas Governor
– Town Hall Meetings and Informational Public Meetings
– Recovery Fairs and Community Improvement Expos

Public Shelter Assistance
DSU provided interpreting services in pop-up shelters across the state of Texas. Deaf residents affected by Hurricane Harvey successfully received interpreting services when they needed them most.

In all – Deaf Services Unlimited had over 25 Certified Interpreters and Certified Deaf Interpreters working throughout Texas on Hurricane Harvey relief.