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You need a quality interpreter.

You're looking for a partner who is easy to work with and who has interpreters available when you need them.

All the things you need help with.

Relax. We do this every day.

You’re in good hands. After making more than 1,000,000 conversations possible the past 20 years, we’ve done just about anything you can imagine.

We do this in all 50 states and comply with all state and federal laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). With just one call or one click – we’ll take care of coordinating a solution to your unique needs. Whether your looking for on-site interpreting, video-remote interpreting or CART Captioning –  with DSU your needs are covered!

We make conversation possible for hundreds of people every week

Varied settings

  • Law offices
  • Medical offices
  • Real estate closings
  • Staff meetings
  • ...and much more

We've worked with many law offices, medical clinics, businesses, government agencies and school districts.

Regardless of your unique situation, we have a solution. DSU provides interpreting services in any situation where communication takes place. From the moment the request for services is made, we coordinate the service to fulfill your communication needs. We have specialist interpreters for legal, medical, employment, education, business,  performing arts and more!

We work with you to make it easy

1. Schedule your appointment
Schedule your appointment by phone or online. We’ll ask you a few short questions and make contact with you quickly.
2. Pick the type of service
Do you need someone interpreting right beside you? Or do you just need a great interpreter quickly? We’ll get you set up with the right service.
3. We'll match the right interpreter to your needs
We go the extra mile by matching you with an interpreter that is knowledgeable in the subject at hand.
4. You're scheduled. We'll take it from here!
That’s it. You’re on our schedule and we’ve got your interpreter booked.

DSU VRI Services Make It Easy

  • Save money.
  • Save time. 
  • Access to a large pool of specialized interpreters.
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Let's talk about you

Learning more about your unique needs is the best place to start. Let us know when is the best time to talk about your needs so that we can put the right plan in place for you.

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