Deaf Culture Training

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What impact does society have on the Deaf experience?

Deaf Gain

Deafness is not a disability, but an identity and culture that offers unique perspectives and potential.

The Deaf community contributes to the diversity of the world in ways that benefit all people – Deaf and hearing. Deafness benefits society and is not something that needs fixed or cured. This concept is called Deaf Gain.

The image below is a visual representation of Deaf Gain.

Deaf Gain Definition

In 2014, Deaf Gain-Raising the Stakes for Human Diversity, was published by H-Dirkesen L. Bauman and Dr. Joseph J. Murray. This book revolutionizes the concept of being Deaf and places the culture and community of Deaf people squarely in the mainstream of society.  

Deaf Gain image

“We don’t ask about hearing loss, we look at Deaf people as a part of the rich tapestry of biological, cultural, and linguistic diversity which exists in the world. Deaf Gain highlights both the contributions Deaf people and sign language make to the world, as well as the benefits of being Deaf.”

– Dr. Joseph J. Murray

Deaf gain is an incredible opportunity for us all to gain something new and valuable in our society. It can provide access to new technologies, create a greater understanding of the world, and unlock enhanced strategies for human interaction.

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Captioning is a great example of one of the many benefits Deaf culture has contributed to our society.