For The Deaf


Hello, thank you for taking time to learn more about Deaf Services Unlimited. When DSU was founded more than 28 years ago, our mission was very clear: to provide the best access for the Deaf community. And to make accommodating the Deaf population a meaningful experience for educators, medical facilities businesses, and government agencies alike.  

Everyone at DSU shares a Deaf heart. DSU always matches the explicit interpreting or captioning scenario to a specific interpreter or captioner based on their experience, their expertise, and most importantly, their rapport with a Deaf individual. Different situations demand a specialized vocabulary and expertise, educational institutions, medical facilities performing arts venues and court systems among other places use specialized technology and signs that require a knowledgeable expert interpreter or captioner.  

Rest assured one of DSU’s coordinators will work with the requesting person to handpick the best interpreter or captioners for everyone’s needs. Each interpreter and captioner at DSU goes through our rigorous testing and screening process. They must be nationally certified in their industry, and have at least three years of captioning or interpreting experience. This ensures that we hire the most qualified interpreters and captioners and that makes matching the correct interpreter and captioner to each possible situation. Plus, we make these accommodations easy. Anytime, an individual requests interpreting or captioning services, we take the work out of it. In fact, so many businesses and organizations choose to work with DSU because we make communication between the Deaf world and the hearing world simple.  

All our services including onsite interpreting, video remote interpreting VRI, and captioning are designed to create access for all parties. Within minutes of initial contact, we can provide the same personalized services to anyone regardless of location and availability of interpreters in your community.  

In addition to our services, we want to be a helpful resource to you. Dive into our FREE resources below designed specifically for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community. From guides on navigating accommodations challenges and for advocating for your rights, to tips on conversations with access coordinators, our materials are here to empower you. Thanks for visiting our website. We look forward to serving you in the future. 

Downloadable Resources