Conference accommodations are complex and require advanced planning. DSU can help you determine your needs and ensure complete communication access for your Deaf and hard of hearing attendees.


Conference Sign Language Interpreting & CART Captioning Services

Ensuring full and complete communication access for Deaf and hard of hearing participants, presenters, or staff at a conference is often more complex than providing accommodations for a single meeting or event and requires advanced planning.

DSU can help you determine your conference needs. Contact us as soon as possible after scheduling a conference to initiate the coordination process for interpreters and captioners. You can begin planning for accommodations before any participants have made requests. Knowing the conference schedule, location, and topic will help us get started.

In addition to the conference schedule, location, and topic, the information below is helpful in determining your conference needs.

  • Complexity & Planning

    Factors in complexity may include the number of participants, the number of Deaf and hard of hearing participants and presenters, the communication needs of the Deaf and hard of hearing participants, and the number of breakout sessions occurring at any one time.

  • Considering Logistics

    How long is the conference? What is the format of the conference sessions? Will participants register for sessions in advance, or will they wait to select sessions day-of? What is the setup of the room(s) the conference will take place in? Will additonal lighting be needed?

  • Preparing Materials

    How soon can you provide copies of presentation materials? PowerPoint slide decks, specialized acronyms and terminology, written speeches or abstracts, pre-recorded videos, and run-of-show documents all help captioners and interpreters prepare.

What does a recommended timeline for access planning look like?

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  • 3 months in advance

    Make a schedule of events during the conference. This schedule should include a breakdown of times (start and end times for each day and session within the day), the configuration of breakout and plenary sessions, networking sessions, meals, and any additional social activities.

  • 2 months in advance

    Provide DSU with a full list of presenters and their phone and email information, as well as communication modality preferences (this is especially important for any Deaf or hard of hearing presenters). Provide DSU with any registration or vaccination requirements for interpreters and captioners to complete in advance.

  • 1 month in advance

    Provide DSU with the contact information for Deaf and hard of hearing conference attendees, so that information can be obtained regarding their schedules, interpreter preferences, and communication modality preferences.

  • 2-4 weeks in advance

    All requests for services by conference attendees are submitted. Requests made with fewer than two-weeks’ notice may be harder to fill.

  • 1-2 weeks in advance

    Submit any final presentation materials for interpreters and captioners to use in preparation for providing services. Share point-of-contact information, check-in locations, and parking details for the day of the event with DSU.

Here’s what we offer.


  • Top quality in-person interpreting and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services in American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken English

  • Top quality Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) captioning services in English and Spanish

  • Nationally certified interpreters and CART writers, locally licensed and available to practice in your area

  • Complete coordination of services by our professional staff

  • 100% compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and pertinent federal, state, and local laws

We’ll make conversations happen wherever you are.

Services available for a variety of conference types, including assignments for:

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    Business and marketing conferences

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    Motivational and self-improvement conferences

  • Icon Video Chat

    Virtual conferences

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You’re in good hands.


  • Team interpreting

  • Post-production interpreting and captioning

  • Deaf-Blind (Tactile) interpreting

  • Signed Exact English & Pidgin Signed English

  • Certified Deaf Interpreting

We’re making conversations happen.

Scheduling an interpreter or CART writer through DSU is as simple as a phone call or click of the mouse.