Training Solutions

Training Solutions

Broaden your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives with our exclusive Deaf Culture Training Solutions. This comprehensive video series is designed to enrich your understanding of Deaf culture, language, and history while promoting a more inclusive environment.

This training includes five modules with eleven interactive lessons. Lessons are comprised of videos, images, questions, and short activities. Businesses and organizations can complete this training as a group, or it can be studied online individually, at your own pace.

Our Deaf Culture Training covers:

  • Effective communication with Deaf individuals
  • Building equitable environments
  • Deaf experiences and perspectives
  • Inclusivity and communication access
  • Deaf history and culture
  • Basic American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
  • Deaf customs and terminology
  • Overcoming barriers and embracing Deaf Gain

Join us in discovering the vibrant world of Deaf culture and enroll your business or organization in our Training Solutions program today!


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