Deaf Individuals

Deaf Individuals

Deaf individuals have the right to communication access.

For Deaf and hard of hearing individuals, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires reasonable accommodations be made to allow equal communication access as others who do not have a hearing loss. The most common accommodation for Deaf and hard of hearing people is a qualified ASL interpreter, provided on-site or remotely. However, there are several other accommodations listed under the ADA, including captioning.

When requested by a Deaf individual, businesses and community organizations are responsible for coordinating and paying for sign language interpreting or captioning services. Communication access services are provided to create an accessible environment for all individuals regardless of their ability to hear. Services are not provided only for the Deaf or hard of hearing consumer but to enable both the Deaf or hard of hearing party and the hearing party to communicate with each other. 

If you are a Deaf individual that has requested interpreting or captioning services from a business or community organization that is not familiar with providing these services, please send them the link to this page so they can review the process of requesting services below.

What should I do if a Deaf client requested interpreting or captioning services?

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    Gather information

    In order to make a request you will need the Deaf client’s name, the date of the appointment, the start and end time of the appointment, and the location or remote platform where the appointment will take place.

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    Ask the Deaf client their preferences

    Ask the Deaf client which service or combination of services they prefer (on-site interpreting, video remote interpreting, or captioning services). Also inquire if any specializations will be required. Some request require a multilingual interpreting, Certified Deaf Interpreting, or other various specializations.

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    Complete the request form

    Submit a request to DSU for interpreting or captioning services

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    DSU will follow up with you on any next steps

    We’ll take it from there! We will let you know we are in receipt of your request and ask for follow up information as needed.

Share DSU’s contact information

If you request interpreting or captioning services from a business or community organization and they are unsure of what to do, provide them with the link below to request services from DSU. We’ll take it from there!

Schedule Services

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Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Within minutes, DSU can provide access to the country’s best pool of interpreters as simply as launching a web browser. VRI is accessibility made simple.

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In-Person Interpreting

We have a large national network of interpreters available anywhere in the country. When you need a top-notch specialized interpreter in your area, we have you covered.

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CART Captioning

With easy-to-use solutions, DSU can caption in real-time for view by any participant with an internet-capable device.

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