Preparing For VRI Services

Preparing For VRI Services

DSU will work with you to prepare for any VRI sessions. Here are some great tips and considerations to make VRI a successful accommodation and positive experience for all involved!

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  • Preparation materials

    Provide agendas, handouts, attendee lists, and any other meeting materials to DSU in advance. Provide a list of industry-specific or office-specific acronyms and commonly used names.

  • Setting up the space

    Use good lighting – avoid positioning yourself in front of a window or other light source. Position yourself in front of a solid background (such as a blank wall) and minimize any visible distractions. Place any external speaker or microphone in the middle of the group or closest to the primary speaker. Make sure all parties are visible on screen from the top of their head to their waistline. The larger the viewing screen or monitor the better!

  • During the session

    Speak clearly, at a measured volume and consistent pace, to ensure clear audio. Mute your microphone when you are not speaking to reduce background noise. Identify yourself prior to your comments each time you speak. Avoid background conversation and multiple people speaking at once – raise your hand to indicate turn taking. Utilize pinning functions so the Deaf or hard of hearing participants and the interpreter have constant viewing access to each other.

  • For the speaker

    Repeat any questions asked by other participants before answering. Keep environmental noises (papers rustling, fans blowing, etc.) to a minimum. Verbally specify any visual references (ex. “In the upper right-hand corner of the agenda.”). Note that Deaf or hard of hearing participants will look at the interpreter on screen, instead of at you, when you are speaking. They will look at you once they have viewed the interpreted message.