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At Deaf Services Unlimited, we’re all about connecting people. Facilitating communication between Deaf people and hearing people is our business…and nobody does it better!

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  • Building a relationship with you

    At Deaf Services Unlimited, we’re all about connecting people. Facilitating communication between Deaf people and hearing people is our business, and nobody does it better.

  • We’ve got a Deaf heart

    We believe the best way to serve the Deaf community and provide the best interpreting services is being part of the Deaf community. This is at the core of our values.

  • Tailoring solutions to your life

    Working together should be hassle-free and uncomplicated. Scheduling an interpreter or CART writer through DSU is as simple as a phone call or click of the mouse.

What we do

Deaf Services Unlimited is your expert resource for interpreting services.

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If you’re carrying your tablet or computer, you’ve already got an interpreter with you.

  • Real-time interpreting services

  • Access to a qualified interpreter

  • Use technology you already own

  • Simple online scheduling

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When you need a top-notch, specialized interpreter in your area, we have you covered.

  • Large network of interpreters available in all 50 states

  • On-site and remote services

  • DSU Interpreters are nationally certified

  • Simple online scheduling

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Using state-of-the-art technology, DSU captions your videos and live events.

  • On-site and remote captioning services

  • Interfaces seamlessly with most conferencing platforms

  • Assures compliance with accessibility requirements

  • Simple online scheduling

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DSU provides consulting services on Deaf culture, communication styles, accommodations, and best practices.

  • Forge collaborative environments for Deaf and hearing people alike

  • Gain understanding on how to facilitate communication access in any setting

  • 1-on-1, group settings, or trainings

  • Simple online scheduling

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DSU offers an online, self-paced training that allows individuals, businesses, and organizations to learn about the Deaf community and Deaf culture. This training includes lessons on American Sign Language, Deaf history and norms, and the importance of communication access and inclusion.

  • Provide an education about accessibility and effective communication

  • Expand your understanding of Deaf and hard-of-hearing culture

  • Help fight stereotypes, assumptions, and discrimination

  • Foster an inclusive environment and cultivate a culture of allyship

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+5 million

In the past 25 years, we've made more than 5,000,000 conversations possible!


Our interpreting and captioning services are available in all 50 states.


Our CART writers can be certified to type up to 260 words per minute with 98% accuracy and above.


27% of our corporate staff is Deaf or hard of hearing.

What our clients say
This whole experience was nothing short of 5-star service. I made an inquiry online for an urgent medical ASL interrupter. I worked with Danielle F and she went above and beyond to find an interrupter in a very short notice. She kept me updated the whole time. She was able to coordinate an interrupter who was phenomenal. Our patient was very impressed. I highly recommend DSU.
Jennifer Ortiz
We hired Deaf Services Unlimited to provide an interpreter for a hearing-impaired family who was attending our open house. We provided a guide and the interpreter interacted with him and took the family on a tour of the school. Things could not have gone more smooth and the tour was a huge success. The interpreter was punctual and very adaptive to the situation, which required walking while signing as well as interacting with one of our students.
Christopher Carabello
This company and their Interpreters were quick, easy and exceptionally nice to deal with while trying to get our clinics patients some help for their appointments! I Would love to work with them again!
Lydia McManus
She did a great job helping my patient with her eye exam and picking out glasses.
Matthew J Ennocenti
Deaf Services Unlimited was a life saver for us! We needed same day service and fast -like right now! and Erin was so calm and went out of her way to assure she located an interpreter asap. She was successful! My patient got the help she needed. I will always be grateful to. Deaf Services Unlimited! Wonderful first time experience. Will. definitely use there service in the future.
Sherry Tenison

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