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A Path to Greater Connection Between Deaf and Hearing Individuals

Deaf Services Unlimited makes communication happen. People are our priority. From day one, the mission at DSU has been clear. We facilitate communication between Deaf and hearing people. Our outreach impacts people around the nation, combining local and national expertise in interpreting and captioning services to improve accessibility in small and large settings. We put the right people in the right places to deliver a seamless exchange of ideas and information.

How DSU Builds Community

As our team opens doors to possibilities for Deaf and hearing individuals, DSU looks to build bridges between Deaf and hearing communities. As a small business with enormous potential reach, we aim to support Deaf culture in every way possible, and community involvement is one key component of that outreach.

Business involvement in the community is crucial for fostering mutually beneficial relationships. Through initiatives such as sponsoring online events, volunteering, or supporting like-minded organizations, we provide opportunities for networking and developing a deeper understanding of the Deaf community. We know that a thriving Deaf community creates a conducive environment for making the kinds of connections where businesses can attract Deaf talent, where Deaf consumers can find the best services for their needs, and by creating a positive impact while simultaneously opening more doors and creating more meaningful partnerships between Deaf and hearing individuals.

One example of the DSU community connection is the recent collaboration with, whose mission is to empower digital accessibility for businesses. DSU sponsored an On Demand Webinar titled “ASL Interpreting Services” presenting a discussion on how to determine the right accessibility services vendors for an organization’s needs. This event includes a brief interview with Carly Anderson, DSU’s Director of Operations.

“We really do pride ourselves in an exceptional customer/client experience. So, you’re going to get an answered phone call, you’re going to get a live person whenever you need us helping you through the steps and making it as easy as possible.”

DSU also hosted a breakout session titled “Overcoming the ASL Interpreter Shortage.”

The video and transcript of this session are available here.

Watch Carly’s Interview here.


Our commitment to providing businesses, educational institutions, medical providers, and civic and cultural events with extraordinary interpreting and captioning services is hallmarked by an experience that is easy, comfortable, and positive for all involved. We join with communities around the country to further this effort. Another partnership recently launched happens to be with ACCESS.

ACCESS is one of North America’s premiere accessibility conferences. It is a FREE, two-day, virtual event that brings together key industry leaders, experts, and professionals from various fields to delve into the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in accessibility. With engaging keynote speakers, interactive sessions, and thought-provoking discussions, ACCESS provides attendees with a platform to learn, network, and collaborate with like-minded individuals on creating accessible and inclusive digital experiences for all.

DSU is the 2024 Language Access Sponsor.

More information and registration available here.

Merging the strengths of all cultures is our strongest corporate asset. DSU weaves our mission with those of like-minded organizations to build support for Deaf communities around the nation.