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How to choose an interpreting services provider

How to choose an interpreting services provider

For many interpreting service providers, helping your business meet the minimum requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act represents the full extent of what they do. In other words, they believe their job is to keep your institution out of trouble. Nothing more .

Others, such as Deaf Services Unlimited, understand that it makes good sense – and good business – to provide high-quality interpreting services. DSU understands that your best value comes from going above and beyond government minimums to provide top-level services. The goal at DSU is to create loyal and highly satisfied customers for your business or institution.

But as you choose an interpreting service, how do you know whether they’re willing to go the extra mile? Here’s a quick checklist of questions you should ask any prospective Deaf services provider.

  • Does the service offer interpretation for not only ASL, but also English-based Sign Language and spoken English?
  • Are the interpreters nationally certified?
  • Do the interpreters have specific expertise and experience in fields such as finance, medicine, politics, law enforcement, court systems, theater productions and more?
  • Are the interpreters actively involved in your community?
  • For government organizations , does the provider allow interpretation services to be purchased through the General Services Administration (GSA)?
  • Does the service provide on-site interpreting, CART/Captioning, and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI )? Does the company have the ability to meet all of your communication accessibility needs?
  • Are they willing to provide quality services for one-time requests, ongoing appointments, or larger community requests?
  • Do they offer specialized services such as team interpreting, Deaf-Blind interpreting, Signed Exact English, and Pidgin-Signed English?
  • Does each interpreter abide by the Code of Professional Conduct as defined by the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct ?
  • Does someone answer your call or respond promptly to your inquiry/request?

These are important questions that your company simply can’t afford to ignore. So give us a call here at Deaf Services Unlimited. We’ll help you find the best interpretation services that meet your specific needs.

Contact us now and we’ll help you coordinate an interpreter for your institution!