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Preparing for Deaf History Month

Preparing for Deaf History Month

April is Deaf History month! Deaf History Month is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of Deaf culture and history and incorporate this knowledge into our daily lives. Here are some ways that we can expand our knowledge about Deaf culture:

Read books and articles about Deaf history and culture. Connecting with Deaf history helps us to understand Deaf culture. 

Watch documentaries and films about Deaf history. This will give you a better understanding of the challenges and triumphs of the Deaf community throughout history.

Familiarize yourself with key figures and events in Deaf history. Deaf history is full of inspiring individuals and pivotal moments that have shaped the community. 

Learn about key events in Deaf history. Knowing about these events will help you understand the context in which Deaf individuals live and work today.

Study the culture and values of the Deaf community. This will help you understand the perspectives and experiences of Deaf individuals, and how to be inclusive of the Deaf community in your daily life.

Celebrating Deaf culture during Deaf History Month is an opportunity to promote diversity and cultural awareness. Our society is made up of many different cultures and communities, each with its own unique language, customs, and traditions. By celebrating Deaf culture, we can help to promote diversity and foster greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures and ways of life in our communities.