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Preparing for Next Semester

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A new year and a new semester are right around the corner! Planning accommodation services in advance increases the likelihood of securing preferred services and timeslots. Review the steps below to ensure you are on schedule to deliver the highest quality of services to your students and faculty.

One month in advance

Test service options with DSU and determine which options are preferred and how best each can be used at your institution. Work with your Deaf and hard-of-hearing students and faculty to determine their preferred accommodations. Share their schedule and course information with DSU to begin scheduling services.

Two weeks before classes begin

Provide any additional preparation materials that can be shared with the assigned providers. Key items include course syllabus, course format, supplemental course materials (textbooks, videos, lecture notes), and account information or links to access web content.

The week after classes begin

Check in with students and faculty to verify that chosen accommodations are working for them in the classroom and other settings. If changes need to be made, contact DSU as soon as possible.

During the semester

Throughout the semester, stay in contact with students and faculty regarding their accommodations. Make changes as needed to support their experience on campus. Anticipate the next semester and begin planning for future needs. Once your Deaf and hard-of-hearing students and faculty have plans in place for the next semester, submit requests for services.

Best Practices Review

While preparing for a new semester, it can be helpful to review best practice standards and keep them top of mind throughout the planning process. These standards are set by the Department of Justice to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Federal Communications Commission sets additional best practice standards for captioning services. Having an understanding of these standards will help create a strong foundation for your school’s effective communication access plan for next semester.

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Reminder: Next Semester is Coming Soon!

Reach out to students, faculty, and staff at your institution to help determine their communication access preferences and needs before the school year begins. Determining your needs as early as possible will help put you put a communication access plan in place more quickly and efficiently and can save your resources.

If you have additional questions about providing accessibility services or partnering with DSU, schedule a time to meet with our higher education communication access consultant today.

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