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To All Interpreters on National Interpreter Appreciation Day

To All Interpreters on National Interpreter Appreciation Day

American Sign Language(ASL) Interpreting is a profession like no other. Each day and each assignment is vastly different, offering the ability to learn and see things from a new perspective. This field attracts a certain type of individual with a deep passion for communication and developing relationships. But more than that: ASL interpreters must be gracious friends and fierce allies of both the Deaf and hearing communities that welcome you into their lives.

Interpreters have the unique opportunity to share in a wide range of unscripted personal experiences. From job interviews to family reunions; from business meetings to parent teacher conferences, we are granted access to the lives of Deaf consumers and these relationships are the human element of interpreting that assist in bridging the cultural gap.

From weddings, to school plays, to kickboxing lessons; from births, to job promotions, to funerals, to highly personal medical and legal appointments— sign language interpreters stand beside the Deaf community through life’s many ups and downs.

We don’t think we are alone in believing that ASL interpreting is so much more than just a career.

Between overnight emergency stays at the hospital with consumers, and the weekend-long professional development conferences, ASL interpreting becomes a way of life.

Everyone here at DSU wants to let our interpreters, (and interpreters everywhere) know just how much we appreciate your work. We know you have an incredibly difficult task but your skills and compassion for barrier-free communication that allows everyone to engage and connect!

Without you, the world would be a very limiting place for so many people. Thank you for all you do!