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What is CART and How Can You Use It?

What is CART and How Can You Use It?

Captions that are provided for live presentations, are called “real-time” captions. Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) is a form of captioning that can be provided remotely, usually for live presentations such as meetings, classes, or conferences. CART is a voice-to-text translation of the spoken English word translated instantaneously into English text.

Services are provided using an audio feed. The CART writer uses special equipment and provided software to display captions on a projected screen or on a computer/device through a browser. For the best results, a clear audio signal is needed so the CART writer can hear what needs to be captioned. Most frequently, clients use a cloud-based video or audio-conferencing platform to connect. For best results, we recommend using a wireless microphone. Audio can also be sent successfully through a phone connection. A transcript of each appointment is provided once it is over.

Since CART can integrate with several different platforms, it can be used in a variety of settings. Whether a convention or seminar, lecture, university commencement, sporting event, or any large public gathering, CART services can provide live captioning that will enhance the delivery of your message and assist in complying with accessibility requirements. Additionally, to avoid the accuracy issues common with auto-captioning in live videos, adding CART to live videos opens your event to more participants and can facilitate ADA compliance.

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