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What is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?

VRI stands for Video Remote Interpreting. This short video shares a bit more about VRI services, considerations to take when using these services, and how using VRI services works.

Many of us use the same technology VRI uses on a daily basis without even realizing it. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more tools like these allow for virtual meetings no matter where the parties are located. We utilize these tools to make meetings happen no matter what language those parties are using.

Virtual Remote Interpreting is as simple as logging into a Zoom call on your device where an interpreter is virtually present and provides translation of spoken English by hearing attendees to American Sign Language for Deaf or hard-of-hearing attendees. The conversation continues as the interpreter provides translation of signed ASL by Deaf or hard-of-hearing attendees to voiced English for hearing attendees. Real, reliable, and ready interpreters at the tips of your fingers.

Wifi, speakers, and a microphone on your device is all it takes. Are you ready to start your conversation?

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