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Working Remotely: New Setting, New Solution

Working Remotely: New Setting, New Solution

Worldwide, we have moved to a new remote reality – be it work, classes, exercise, or socializing. With this transition comes a new struggle for many Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees as they transition out of their offices with on-site interpretation to their remote work at home, without an interpreter. Meetings and appointments with Deaf clients are largely done remotely as well, but that does not mean anyone has to lose access to these critical communication tools.

While this is certainly an adjustment for all, the concern of losing a necessary accommodation is a daunting reality for many. There are several great communication access alternatives to on-site interpretation to explore!

One solution is Video Remote Interpreting or VRI for short.

VRI from Deaf Services Unlimited delivers real-time American Sign Language interpreting services from a live interpreter using web-based video technology. VRI is ideal for use in remote locations, becoming a perfect fit for online meetings.

For some, remote captioning may be the perfect fit. CART Captioning, a voice-to-text translation of spoken English translated instantaneously into English text word for word, is ideal for Deaf individuals who prefer a strictly English translation. For those who like captioning, but want a more ASL-style translation, TypeWell and C-print provide a meaning-for-meaning representation of the spoken information, rather than a verbatim translation as with CART.

VRI and Captioning can transition directly into the office as well, once employees are able return their workspaces. The versatility of both options makes them easy to use in any environment.